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“Being great at what we do brings joy and satisfaction to our customers and making our customers happy is the best feeling in the world.”
Prothermal Contracts are Heating Specialists with a diverse knowledge and great understanding of the gas industry. We have been trading since 2007 and are now one of the leading companies for installing and maintaining Gas appliances and heating systems in Edinburgh And outer Scotland. 

We Specialise in all gas appliances, Heating systems and Hot water systems with years of knowledge on how to install, maintain and fix. Also With a great understanding of gas fires, Underfloor Heating and smart technologies we set ourselves apart from the competition. 

Our business is fully certified and insured with all the needed certifications and accreditations. Our Engineers are vetted and kept up to date with relevant changes in the industry.



Why chose us

"There's only one way to put it, We have years of experience and the need to leave an outstanding job"

We pride ourselves on an Invaluable service working closely, one to one with all our customers. Everything from Design and planning to the step by step process that we go through will be explained and set in stone before any work is carried out. Be sure to know that we keep in contact after each and every job with help at hand

What makes us stand out from the rest is the impression we leave on our customers after each job. There is no better feeling!  We are honest, Reliable, quick and efficient with competitive rates. Our work is second to none, complete with care and attention to detail. Just take a look at some of the jobs we have done in the past and you will see the type of work we strive to leave.

"When it comes to boilers or appliances there are a number of manufacturer providers out there. Many of which are not particularly great and don't last the test of time. That's why We use only the best manufacturers. That doesn't mean to say more expensive is better, there are cheaper options out there that are of great quality and value. That's where Prothermal can keep you right and point you in the right direction".   
We are so confident in our work that we apply a 10-year guarantee certificate to all the pipework and installation that we do.