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As well as installers of Gas and water appliances we also pride ourselves in the Maintenance service we provide. Take a look below to see the maintenance services we cover and what is involved in each of them.

We Cover any type of boiler and fire along with any size or style of system. There has not been a manufacturer that we haven't dealt with or a system we haven't seen.

Give us a call or get in touch by email and we will act fast in helping you with your maintenance issue.

Landlords Certificate

By law under the gas safety act (installations and use) Regulation1998 it states it is purely the Landlords responsibility to make sure all the appliances in the household are tested by a gas safe registered engineer every 12 months and that the tenant should have a copy of this when moving in or if already living there must be given a copy within 28day of the test been carried out. Failure to do so can result in a hefty fine and such a decision not to do is extremely dangerous.

The certificate covers all gas appliances, working of the flue and pipework. it can take up to 2 hours depending on the state of the appliances and if they need any additional work to make them safe ie new seals or washers to new coals and a chimney sweep.

What we check

                 System tightness test

                 Standing and working pressure

                 Burner pressure or gas rate

                 Ventilation Requirements

                 Flue flow and blockage test

                 Flame failure device

                 Any evidence of an unsafe situation

  Carbon Monoxide detectors

Since the 1st October 2013, it has been a legal requirement in Scotland to have a CO Alarm fitted in the same room as a newly installed gas appliance or a fixed gas appliance.

We will ask and make sure you have one before we come to do your Landlords gas safety check and if you don't we will bring one with us. we can show you how to test them and where to correctly position them.

Safety Checks/Servicing

As a homeowner, it is not mandatory to get your boiler serviced but to make sure it lasts longer than you want and runs at its optimum performance then definitely getting it serviced once a year will make all the difference.

Sometimes your boiler may only need a gas safety check and not a service. This can be because it is a new boiler or not in bad condition.

The difference between a gas safety check and a service is:

BOILER SAFETY CHECK- Make sure the boiler is running sufficiently at the output it should, make sure there is enough gas pressure getting to the appliance, check the safety components and integrity of the flue and check the analyzer reading. A CP12 certificate will be issued.

We charge £55 for a safety check.

BOILER SERVICE- A full safety check is carried out per above with the added extra of replacing seals and washers, cleaning the heat exchanger and burner ports, hoovering the inside of the boiler and bleeding the system. 

We charge £95 for a full service.

Don't worry if your not sure what you need to get done because we can let you know once we come and take a look. Surveys are free of charge.

Fire Service

Getting your Gas fire serviced is just as important as getting a boiler serviced if not more so. This is because these appliances are connected to a chimney in most cases and if there was ever a blocked or breeched chimney then this will have to be dealt with immediately. 

A chimney sweep may be required at this stage or if everything is sound then the remainder of the checks will be carried out:

  • Ventilation requirements
  • Strip down and clean fire
  • check safety components
  • Check the working pressure
  • Calculate a Gas Rate
  • Spillage test

Our prices Start from £75 for a service depending on the fire. 


Boiler Breakdowns

When your boiler whether it be old or new, that's primary job is providing heat in your home starts to fail, panic can set in. Most of the time out of the blue and always unwanted. This is the last thing you need and particularly in the depth of winter.

At Prothermal Contracts, we make it our priority to get you up and running as quickly as possible, by getting you back to the instant hot water and heating you are accommodated to. 

For the past 11 years, We have been fixing boilers and our heating engineers are Gas Safe registered and qualified to act quickly in an emergency boiler situation. Whether we need to repair or install new, we will communicate with you and put plans in place to limit disruption and give you peace of mind. 

If your boiler is broken, we act fast to fix it. Once we get a call or receive a message, we will act quickly to assess the situation and arrange for a fully qualified heating engineer to visit your home.

We will arrive on time to find the fault then explain the options available. Our main concern is the safety and well-being of your family.

Potential hazards such as carbon monoxide will be checked, followed by stringent tests to identify the seriousness of the boiler repair over maybe having to install a new boiler.

Most parts for the fixing of boilers can be picked up the same day so be sure that we will do everything in our power to have you back up and running in no time at all. 


Power flushing restores your heating system to its prime efficiency, and this results in significantly lower running costs, also adding life to your boiler.

Having a power flush can add 5 or more years on to your boilers life expectancy. This is for the simple reason that sludge build up can cause a serious effect on your boilers components and the blockage of pressure makes the boiler work extra hard.
When you have a power flush, you immediately benefit from the increased efficiency of your radiators, save money on fuel bills and make your boiler less noisy. With the great benefits of this, it makes sense to have your system power flushed. 

Symptoms of a system in need of power flushing

  • Your radiators have cold spots
  • The boiler or pump is noisy
  • Reduced heat output temperature
  • Boiler overheats or shuts off easily
  • Your heating system takes a long time to warm up
  • Radiators need regular bleeding of accumulated air
  • Evidence of sludge and rust in the system
  • Pump failure, or a noisy pump
  • Blocked inoperative or leaking radiator valves.
  • Pinhole fluid leakage from radiators

We use high-quality chemicals when carrying out a power flush, this breaks down the debris and descales the heating circuit and boiler, flushing out all the bad stuff! Ensuring a thoroughly cleansed system, a clear run for the water needed to heat your home.

We charge £400 for a full Power flushing service which is done properly by isolating and cleaning each radiator one by one, This will be carried out by one of our experienced heating engineers and includes the deep cleaning chemicals used. This is based on up to 8 radiators with additional radiators charged at £20 each. 

We recommend after the completion of the Power flush that one of our heating engineers install a central heating filter if you don't already have one. This will reduce sludge building up again. Extra protection for your central heating system, filters create an additional layer from sludge and harmful debris. This can be installed at a fixed cost of £195